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Chromatic 2014 - Habitat

Visual identity for the 5th edition of the Chromatic festival in Montreal.

We created different abstract shapes that show different aspects of the festival. Together, they merge in a colorful mosaic that represent the melting pot of Chromatic. We also created an original typeface.

Chromatic is a 360° experience around creation. Where multiple artistic disciplines merge in the same event. Promoting relation between emerging and professional artists, Chromatic is an invitation to discover the full potential of the city in an event where art shines in all its forms; visual, audio, physical, interactive and contemplative.

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Branding, Typography.

made at ValléeDuhamel
Creative Directors : Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel
Art Director & Graphic Design : Olivier Charland
Graphic Design : Lian Benoit & Katrina-Marguerita Castro
Motion Design : Pierre-Olivier Nantel
Shapes Photographer : Simon Duhamel
Human-size shapes : Robocut studio